The North Shore Cricket Club was founded in 2004, in preparation for the 2004/05 cricket season. The club’s foundations lay in a merger between the Neutral Bay & Willoughby District cricket clubs with additional players coming from a stand alone team from the Northern Beaches.

In the inaugural 2004/05 season, the club fielded three senior teams in the Northern Suburbs Cricket Association. The club experienced immediate success with the First XI winning the B Grade Premiership and the Second XI making the B Reserve Grade semi-finals.
The club grew to six teams in 2005/06 fielding teams from A Grade through to C Reserve Grade. On-field success continued with the club winning the A Grade Limited Overs Championship and the A Reserve Grade Premiership that year whilst being Runners-up in the B Reserve Grade and the Club Championship.
Season 2006/07 was an unqualified success with repeat wins in the A Grade Limited Overs Championship and A Reserve Grade Premiership. In addition to those repeat wins, the club also won the B Reserve Grade Premiership and were Runners-up in A Grade.
To date, the club has won 11 premierships in its eight-year history and has always had at least one team contest a finals series in every year of competition.
The club also broke through in 2009/10 by winning the club championship, a title that had eluded the club for man years. In season 2011/12 the club was  successful in winning the B Grade two day Premiership.

In 2016/2017, the club became North Shore Cricket Association (NSCA) Club Champions. This was the first time since 2009/10 that the club has taken home this prestigious award. While we didn't take home any premierships, all four of our teams made the finals and 2 of our teams took home the premiership plate for their grade.

If you are interested in joining the club, please contact Matt Smith (0438 229 589) or email