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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1148166983715168893246546148*Charan AianampudiNorth Shore2019/20205th Grade4 1Rydalmere
212767299215168893246461127*Nathan SmithNorth Shore2019/20203rd Grade2 1Vikings
3802331241516889324654480Chris WhiteNorth Shore2019/20205th Grade3 1Cammeray
4769379541516889334280876Shahbaz RasheedNorth Shore2019/2020C One Day1 1Chatswood Gypsies (White)
5757915531516889324646875Steven KhorNorth Shore2019/20203rd Grade4 1North Sydney Leagues
66919592451516889324646169*Ravi NaranNorth Shore2019/20203rd Grade2 1Vikings
768883221516889324585268*Cameron GraceNorth Shore2019/2020C One Day5 1Crows Nest Rebels
86712212791516889324584867Rahul DhyaniNorth Shore2019/2020C One Day4 1Chatswood West
9669419131516889334280866Samir JivaniNorth Shore2019/2020C One Day1 1Chatswood Gypsies (White)
106517582421516889324601465*Sreedhar P ParameswaranNorth Shore2019/20206th Grade2 1Rydalmere
11622398861516889324594462William FreebornNorth Shore2019/2020D One Day4 1Chatswood Gypsies (Red)
125512212791516889334280855*Rahul DhyaniNorth Shore2019/2020C One Day1 1Chatswood Gypsies (White)
13559419131516889334528355Samir JivaniNorth Shore2019/2020C One Day2 1West Pymble
14542398861516889324595054William FreebornNorth Shore2019/2020D One Day6 1Old Ignatians
15549379541516889324585254Shahbaz RasheedNorth Shore2019/2020C One Day5 1Crows Nest Rebels
165310789401516889324602253Robert WongNorth Shore2019/20206th Grade4 1Cammeray
17529379541516889324585652Shahbaz RasheedNorth Shore2019/2020C One Day6 1Cammeray
18525270891516889324638852Timothy J SmithNorth Shore2019/20201st Grade3 1Cammeray
19505862401516889324584850Simon BurnsNorth Shore2019/2020C One Day4 1Chatswood West
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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